Set it, forget it

Darkcloud does all the work. We can set the schedules for you and the lights automatically come on and turn off, to save you energy.

Let the sun shine in

Use the sun instead of using energy. Darkcloud’s totally wireless, solar-powered daylight harvester managers your lights in daylit spaces.

A light presence

Light the spaces you’re in and save in the space you’re not. Lightcloud occupancy and vacancy sensors save you energy wherever you are.

Set the scene

Quickly choose one of your scenes in Darkcloud to instantly adjust the light levels for any area in your building.

We’ve got your back

Get paid to turn your lights off. Darkcloud makes it easy for users to connect with their energy suppliers.

You have control

With Darkcloud, your lights are always in your hand. Easily make adjustments using our app on your mobile device.

  1. Schedule It
  2. Night and Day
  3. Occupancy
  4. Dimming
  5. Utility Management
  6. On the Go